Release Notes

This release includes a student matching explorer, the ability to manage allowing students to search direct awards, a search ahead update for scholarship codes, and a swarm of fixes.


  • [SU-1005] - Student Matching Explorer
    • A new simulation feature called the Matching Explorer has been added to the application. Found in Plan > Match Explorer, this tool gives school users the ability to run simulations on matching groups to retrieve a count and list of the current population of students that match to the requirements given. This allows users to:
      • Simulate the matching population to determine how many students may match to a scholarship. This could help determine if the requirements for the scholarships are too broad or strict and make adjustments to get the desired population of potential applicants.
      • Build an outreach campaign. The results are exportable and include the student's email if a user wishes to query a specific set of students to reach out to.
    • Please note that the results will cap at 5,000 students.
  • [SU-1029] - Student Advanced Scholarship Search to Include Direct Award Scholarships
    • By popular request, schools now have the ability to control whether or not direct award scholarships can appear in the student's scholarship search list. Previously only school scholarships with applications could be searched for, but there is now a setting in Settings > Basic > Student Settings called Include Direct Awards in Student Scholarship Search to manage this. When enabled, ALL direct award scholarships in Published or Awarding status can be searched for by the student.
    • Please note that this does not display direct award scholarships in the student's scholarship lists (Matches, Non-Matches, etc). When searching and viewing direct award scholarships, the scholarship view page will mirror the public page and remove the matching requirements and contact information from being seen. Any direct award scholarship in awarding status will appear as "Reviewing" to the students.
  • [SU-1059] - Scholarship Code Search Ahead
    • Schools have a lot of Scholarship Codes - hundreds... thousands. This enhancement makes it easier to search and apply specific scholarship codes throughout the site. Notable the scholarship builder page, the scholarship filter modal (on the scholarship list page), and the recent Scholarship Code report. When searching for a specific code, users can now type ahead to filter down the list of codes to help find a specific one to select.


  • [SU-1084] - SIS Data Lock Fix
    • Fixed an issue where the SIS Data to Question mapping was not always correctly enforcing students from editing a question if a mapping was set to SIS Lock. The expected results is that once the SIS answers/updates a question with this setting, students are able to view but cannot edit the answer given by the SIS. An issue was found where the SIS data answering the question for the first time may not always trigger the lock on the question. This has been resolved and now SIS data ensures locking the question if the mapping is set to SIS Lock. If there are concerns about whether or not your mapped questions are locked, you can run an import file and the auto-answer process will ensure all questions set as SIS Lock will get re-locked.
  • [SU-1064] - Student Information in Student Profile
    • Fixed an issue where the SIS Data and Matching Answers tabs were not correctly pulling up the information if the student profile modal was opened by clicking on a student name found in the Scholarship > Candidates tab. These tabs were not effected when opening the student profile from any other page of the application. Opening from the Candidates tab now pulls in the information as expected.
  • [SU-1071] - Thank You Letter Review Error
    • Resolved a very rare instance where thank you reviewers would get an error when opening thank you letters to review. The error was caused by multiple instances of the thank you letter being found. This was caused by students with very slow internet connection having multiple auto-saves running at the same time. Auto-save will no longer allow multiple saves - one must be completed before the next can run.
  • [SU-1085] - Student Profile - Scholarship Tab Only Returning Ten Scholarships
    • Fixed an issue where viewing the student's scholarship list in the student profile was only returning the first ten scholarships found. This was a server call issue that did not allow school users to see the rest of the scholarships. This had no effect on the student side - all students were able to match and view more than ten scholarships in their lists.
  • [SU-1073] - Award Nomination Error
    • Resolved an issue where duplicate student nominee records may be generated. This was a result of the nominating a student who has already logged in being nominated for an award and a separate nomination placeholder record being created for them rather than having the nomination correctly tied to the student's account. Nominating students who already have accounts will now correctly tie that nomination to the student.