The Match Explorer gives the Scholarship Managers and Admins a tool to gauge how many students will currently match with the suggested matching criteria. This takes the guess work out of how many possible students will match to a future scholarship. By adding more questions or adjusting matching values, they can reduce the amount of students eligible for the scholarships. On the other end, if the matching criteria is too stringent, they can adjust their matching criteria accordingly.

Match Explorer

User can access the page from Plan > Match Explorer. This is available to the Scholarship Manager and Admin roles.

  • Click on Plan link in the Menu bar on the left of the home screen; 
  • Find the Match Explorer tile in the panel view; 
  • Click on the Match Explorer tile and open up the simulation page;
  • Add a Group to begin, then add Question within the group to the simulator.
    • When adding a question, the user will see the same Question Search modal that appears when adding matching criteria to a scholarship.
  • Search for a question, then add the appropriate matching requirements.
  • Repeat this process until the desired criteria has been met.  After saving, hit the Run Simulation button to see the results. 
  • The results populated below the Matching Criteria will list the students that have either answered questions that have matched with this criteria or have had SIS import data that have been mapped and matched with this criteria.  
    • If desired the user can click on the students name to pull up their student profile and review their account.
    • This list can also be exported using the Export icon.
  • If the desired amount of students does not populate, the user can add or remove criteria and rerun the simulation until they are in the expected ballpark.