Release Notes

Happy New Year! This release contains an update to remove verified student records and a caravan of small fixes to make the world better.


  • [SU-1047] - Remove Verified Student Records
    • Admins now have the ability to bulk remove verified student records from their environment. Verified student records are placeholders used to add students to the application before the student creates an account. This is widely used to add students into the application with SIS data to auto-match direct award scholarships and have the ability to award these students, whether or not they create an account. This is also used by Direct Sign-On (DSO) schools who must import a list of "verified" (eligible) students to create accounts to access the application.
    • By removing student records through this bulk import tool, students are now 1) ineligible to create a DSO account, and 2) removed from the auto-match algorithm and are no longer considered for any direct awards. This is a great tool to help remove students who are no longer attending the institution or should no longer be considered for any internal scholarships - they no longer have a chance to create an account or be added as a matched student to a scholarship.
    • This import will not remove students who meet any of the following criteria:
      • already have a ScholarshipUniverse account
      • have at least one award record (whether or not the award was revoked)
      • have been been promoted for a direct award
    • To execute this process, you must┬áimport a Verified Students Data file. Admins can do this in PlatformManagement > Integration > File Imports. The optional column "Delete" will now indicate which student records need to be removed by using the value "Y". For more information about the Verified Students Data import, please review this article.


  • [SU-1082] - Award Approver Receiving the Award Approved/Denied Notification
    • Resolved an issue where the user who is approving/denying an award would receive the corresponding notification. The notification has always meant to be sent to the last person to modify the award, meaning either they are the person who initiated the award or were the last to update the value. The user who awarded the student will now correctly have the notification sent to them, as long as the notifications are enabled. For more information about the approval process, please review this article.
  • [SU-1091] - Award Issue for Students With A StudentForms Account And Without A ScholarshipUniverse Account
    • Fixed a rare issue where students who had been nominated for an award before they created an account, then created a StudentForms account, and were then nominated for another award were not having all of the awards correctly associated to the same account. Whether the student creates their initial account in StudentForms or ScholarshipUniverse, any previous awards given will correctly merge into their account.
  • [SU-1088] - Award Approval Being Blocked By Roles
    • Recently a support role called Award Authenticator was introduced to allow selected user to approve awards they had created/edited themselves, rather than forcing other users to approve the award(s) for them. If a user was both an Admin and Award Authenticator, and they were trying to approve an award they created/edited but the student no longer matches to the scholarships, the application was caught in an infinite loop that would not allow them to complete the approval process. In this occurrence, this fix allows a user with these roles to override the approval process under these circumstances.
  • [SU-1092] - Scholarships In Open Cycles Still Under Published Status
    • Fixed an issue where large loads of scholarships entering the cycle start date did not have all scholarships transition from Published to Open status. A timeout limitation would stop the transition, leaving those that did not get processed in the time period in a Published status. The timeout limitation has been increased to avoid this occurrence from happening again.