The Deactivate User Data import allows schools to bulk deactivate student, parent, school employee, and donor user accounts. Historically, in order to "bulk" deactivate accounts, an employee would have to dedicate time to go into each individual user account and manually deactivate. This import can now reference either the username (student, parent, employee, donor), or the student ID (students only).

File Import Specifications

Deactivate User Data can be imported in a CSV format file.

  • Navigate to the PlatformManagement > Integration > File Imports page to import the Deactivate User Data file.

The file requires the following fields:

  • Username
  • SchoolID

Only one value is needed for each record. Please note that Username can work for all types of users (student, parent, employee, and donor), but SchoolID will only process student accounts.

  • For students, both fields can be included. If one is not found, the process will check the other identifier to deactivate the account.

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