The Deactivate User Data import allows schools to bulk deactivate student, parent, school employee, and donor user accounts. Historically, in order to "bulk" deactivate accounts, an employee would have to dedicate time to go into each individual user account and manually deactivate. This import can now reference either the username (student, parent, employee, donor), or the student ID (students only).

Bulk Deactivating Users

The import lives in PlatformManagement as all user account information is centralized within the application. The Admin (ScholarshipUniverse/AwardLetter/CampusMetrics/StudentVerification) and the Platform Admin (PlatformManagement) roles have access to review and execute this process.

Users that have access to PlatformManagement can begin by opening the drop down located on the top right of each application.

  • Click on the Profile Drop Down on the top right corner

  • Select Platform Management
  • Using the left hand navigation menu, select Integration.
  • Select the File Imports tile to access the page.
  • Choose to Upload
  • Select File Type: Deactivate User Data

  • Click Upload

Each record successfully processed will result as being Processed on the File Imports grid. The Processed count includes all user accounts that were deactivated. Any errors that come across the process will be notated under the Errors column, where you can click to find more details on the error.

File Import Specifications

The Deactivate User Data Import process uses a CSV file with the following fields and requirements:

  • Username
  • SchoolID

Only one value is needed for each record. Please note that Username can work for all types of users (student, parent, employee, and donor), but SchoolID will only process student accounts.

  • For students, both fields can be included. If one is not found, the process will check the other identifier to deactivate the account.

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