To engage donors and provide real-time information to them, the donor portal established for a donor record with multiple donor users. Donor users have access to see information related to scholarships associated with their record during the scholarship planning process. This includes:

  • Scholarship information as presented to students including statistics for the number of students matching, applying and being awarded. 
  • Access to approved thank you letters from students.
  • Ability to see and update their profile information that can be enabled for students to see on scholarship details

The donor portal is included in your subscription to ScholarshipUniverse at no additional charge regardless of the number of donors and donor users that access the system. To enable the donor portal complete the following steps:

Step 1: Create Donor Entity

Donor records can be created individually or can be imported and maintained using an csv import tool to bring over data from your donor management CRM. Both options can be found under Plan>Donors. Internal users who manage a donor can also be added so that their contact information is presented to donors when they are in the portal. 

See product article Donor Creation to create records manually

See product article Donor Import [insert import link] to import donors from your donor management system. 


Step 2: Create Donor Users

Note: If your institution wishes not use the donor portal skip this step and no users will be created. The  donor entity can be linked to a scholarship for reporting purposes and to support a thank you letter process where printed thank you letter or email will be used to communicate with the donor. 

Donor User Roles

Individual donor users can be added with two levels of access Administrator and Viewer. Both roles see all the same information.  The Donor Administrator can update the donor profile information and will have access to future management functionality to be determined. 

Donor User Invite

The donor user creation process will also send the user a link to create a login to the their donor portal.  A donor user can be associated with more than one donor record through one user account. Because of this option there are two different email notifications. Both of these invitations can be personalized for your institution by going to Platform Manager>Platform Communications>ScholarshipUniverse>Donor Notifications.

Creating Donor Users

Donor users can be created and maintained manually through the donor management screen or an import tool is also available. Both options can be found under Plan>Donors. To create a donor user, you will need first name, last name, and email address

See product article: Donor Creation to create or update a donor user.

See product article: [document under development] to import donor users. This will will require a first, last name, and email address

Step 3 : Link Donors to Scholarships

The donor entity record is linked to scholarships under Plan>Scholarship. Linking a scholarship to a Donor entity will enable the data for the users' portal.

Step 4 : Login

Donor users can login to the system by navigating to