Archive Student Answers Import 



The Archive Student Answers import allows schools to bulk remove student matching answers within ScholarshipUniverse. The use case for this import is to remove matching answers for students to no longer match to scholarship (i.e., for students who have never enrolled, are no longer enrolled, graduated, or inactive based on your institutional business practices). This helps reduce the population of matched students for a scholarship, narrowing it down to a more eligible set of students that also helps statistics for the scholarship to be more accurate regarding match counts. 


File Import Specifications 

Archive Student Answers must be imported in a CSV format file. 

  • Navigate to the PlatformManagement > Integration >File Imports page to import the Archive Student Answers file. 

The file uses the following fields:  

  • StudentID (required)
  • FirstName (required)
  • LastName (required) 
  • Source (removing the Source column or having a Null value in the cell will remove all answers for that student)
    •  SIS - Removes all answers that were imported and answered by the SIS import. 
    • Student - Removes all answers that were answered by the student 
    • Both - Removes all answers that were answered by the SIS import or by the student

Processing Restrictions 

  • You cannot remove matching answers for students who have an award (even if currently adjusted to $0) for any scholarship that is currently in Awarding status. This is to prevent answers from being removed while the scholarship is in the awarding process and cause confusion for users not understanding the circumstances as to why the student was awarded. Once the scholarship moves on to Complete/Archive status, as long as the student does not have any other awards for scholarships in Awarding status, their answers can be removed at that time. 
    • i.e., If the student was eligible for the scholarship because they had a GPA of 3.0, you don't want to remove the answer while your institution verifies the data through each step of the awarding process. Removing the answer may delay the student's award while users try to determine why the student was awarded since their GPA would be blank. 


Reviewing Processed Archive Student Answers 

  • Students set to Archive Student Answers (for either SIS, Student, or Both) will have the Student Active field set to a RED ‘X’ in Platform MGMT > Verified Students (see screenshot below). 
    • Please note, that the Student Active field in Platform MGMT > Verified Students does not indicate if a student record has been set to Deactivate, restricting access into CampusLogic applications. 

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  • To review the specific type of data set to Archive Student Answers (SIS, Student, or Both), users need to review the applicable student’s profile and the Matching Answers tab to determine which type of Matching Answers are missing based on the Source column values (SIS or Student) 
    • As a best practice, we recommend establishing a business practice to create and process the Archive Student Answers import with the same Source field value (SIS, Student, or Both) to maintain processing consistency. 


How to Reset SIS Answers Previously Archived 

  • Once Archive Student Answers is set for SIS data, users must reset the Student Active field in Platform MGMT > Verified Students for subsequent SIS data imports to update Matching Answers with SIS answers (this reset is not required for subsequent student answers during the student experience as students can immediately answer matching questions again after they are removed).   The Student Active field reset can be done manually in Platform MGMT > Verified Students > EDIT button with the Student Active field set to YES’ (see screenshot below) OR in batch through the Verified Studentimport with a Delete column value of N’. 

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  • Once Archive Student Answers is reset for subsequent SIS data imports, users may need to click the ‘Re-Run’ (refresh) icon in Platform MGMT > Integration > File Imports on the applicable file to ‘force the SIS Matching Answers to update.  This may be necessary if the SIS Data still exists from prior SIS data imports, which will result in the record being determined as a ‘Duplicate’ record status during a subsequent SIS data import (Matching Answers do not update for 'Duplicate' record statuses/counts).  

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