The Archive Student Answers import allows schools to bulk remove student matching answers within ScholarshipUniverse. The use case for this import is to remove answers for students who have never enrolled and whose answers are picked up by the auto-match feature for direct award scholarships. This greatly helps reduce the population of auto-match candidates found for a scholarship, narrowing it down to a more eligible set of students.

Bulk Answer Removal

The import lives in PlatformManagement and can be accessed by the Admin (ScholarshipUniverse/AwardLetter/CampusMetrics/StudentVerification) and the Platform Admin (PlatformManagement) roles.

Users that have access to PlatformManagement can begin by opening the drop down located on the top right of each application.

  • Click on the Profile Drop Down on the top right corner

  • Select Platform Management
  • Using the left hand navigation menu, select Integration.
  • Select the File Imports tile to access the page.
  • Choose to Upload
  • Select File Type: Archive Student Answers

  • Click Upload

Each record successfully processed will result as being Processed on the File Imports grid. The Processed count includes all students whose matching answers have been removed. Any errors that come across the process will be notated under the Errors column, where you can click to find more details on the error.

File Import Specifications

The Deactivate User Data Import process uses a CSV file with the following fields and requirements:

  • StudentID*
  • FirstName*
  • LastName*
  • Source 
    • Inputs:
      • SIS - Removes all answers that were imported and answered by the SIS import.
      • Student - Removes all answers that were answered by the student
      • Both - Removes all answers that were answered by the SIS import or by the student
    • NOTE: Removing the Source column or having a Null value in the cell will remove all answers for that student.

* Required columns to successfully execute the removal of matching answers for a student.

Please Note: You cannot remove matching answers for students who have an award (even if currently adjusted to $0) for any scholarship that is currently in Awarding status. This is to prevent answers from being removed while the scholarship is in the awarding process and cause confusion for users not understanding the circumstances as to why the student was awarded. Once the scholarship moves on to Complete/Archive status, as long as student does not have any other awards for scholarships in Awarding status, their answers can be removed at that time.

i.e. If the student was eligible for the scholarship because they had a GPA of 3.0, you don't want to remove the answer while your institution verifies the data through each step of the awarding process. Removing the answer may delay the student's award while users try to determine why the student was awarded since their GPA would be blank.

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