The Bulk Status Update tool allows users to push groups of scholarships into specific, eligible statuses. Historically a user would have to enter each scholarship and manually update the status.

Bulk Status Update Tool

The Bulk Status Update tool can be found under Plan > Bulk Status Update and is available to the Admin and Scholarship Manager roles.

  • Navigate to Plan > Bulk Status Update

By default, the page will display all scholarships in Draft status. You can control which status you would like to view from using the drop down status filter above the grid. Depending on which status you are viewing, one or two action buttons may be available above the grid to update the status.

The following actions may be taken on each status:

StatusActions Available
Open (published and currently in open cycle, available for students to apply)Hold (change status to On Hold)
On Hold (published and currently open, but not available for student to apply)Release (change status back to Open)
Ready for Review (not yet attached to an active review pool)Start Awarding, Complete
CompleteAward, Archive
ArchivedReopen (back to Complete status)

Please note that the following statuses cannot have any manual action taken on them, therefore are not available on this screen: Published, Reviewing, Pending Auto-Match, and Processing Auto-Match.

  • To update status, select scholarship(s) to update
  • Click action button

You can also filter scholarships based on certain attributes, such as application method, application, cycle, and many more.

  • Click the Filter button to open the filter modal
  • Select any filter you wish to apply to the scholarship list (more than one may be used)
  • Click Apply
    • Please note the filter applies across all status lists - you must reopen the filter and edit or clear all filters if needed

Validation and Confirmation

When taking action on Draft scholarships, two different validations will run before the scholarship(s) can be published.

  1. Check all selected scholarships and determine if all of the required fields for publishing are met. If they are not, a warning modal will appear with a list of scholarships missing required fields. In order to continue with the bulk Publish, a user must either deselect those scholarships and bulk Publish the scholarships meeting all of the requirements, or go back into the scholarships that are missing requirements and complete each one before returning to the tool.
  2. Check if each scholarship has at least one matching requirement assigned to it. If any any scholarship is missing matching requirements, a second warning modal will prompt and list each scholarship without requirements. A user can confirm to Publish without requirements and move forward with Publishing.

The other status changes do not have any validation to prevent a user to continue, but each one does force the user to confirm the change.

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