Release Notes

This release includes the donor portal, bulk scholarship status updater, bulk archive matching answer import, bulk deactivation import, minor enhancements to the thank you builder and letter of recommendation request, and a herd of small fixes.


  • Donor Portal
    • ScholarshipUniverse has now opened a donor portal to allow members of donor group to create an account and view activity around their scholarships. Each donor user has access to a dashboard to give overview insights on the allocation of funds and application volume. Donor users can review their own scholarships and have access to view thank you letters written from students who have been awarded funds from the donor scholarship. For more information about the donor portal, please review the Donor Portal article.

  • Schools can manually add and assign donor users to the Donor group with new Donor Users tab found within the Donor edit page (Plan > Donor > {{ Donor Name}}). School users also have the ability to bulk add/edit donor users through the Import Users feature on the main donor list page. For more information about manually adding donor users, please review the Donor Setup article. For more information about bulk importing donor users, please review the Donor User Import article.
  • [SU-1095] - Bulk Status Updater
    • The Bulk Status Update tool allows school users to select a group of scholarships to move from one status to another, as opposed to having to open each scholarship and move individually. The tool is found in Plan > Bulk Status Update, and is grouped by each status eligible for a status move. For more information about the tool, please review the Bulk Status Update article.

  • [SU-1048] - Archive Student Answers
    • A new import found in PlatformManagement will allow Admins to bulk remove student matching answers from ScholarshipUniverse. This feature is to help schools eliminate matching answers submitted through SIS data for students that are not going to be eligible for scholarship awards because they never enrolled or are no longer enrolled. These students appear in the direct award auto-match roster due to having answers that meet the matching requirements - by removing the answers for students who are no longer eligible, the auto-match roster will drive down to more accurate groups of students who are eligible for direct awards. This does not remove answers for students who have an account or have been given an award. For more information about this import, please review the Archive Student Answers Import article.
  • [SU-1050] - Deactivate Users
    • A new import found in PlatformManagement will allow Admins to bulk deactivate users - including students, parents (for StudentVerification), employees, and donors. The import will look for any matching Usernames or SchoolID (Student ID) given, which either can be used to deactivate students. Only username can be provided to deactivate parents, employees, and donor users. For more information about bulk deactivation, please review the Deactivate User Data Import article.
  • [SU-1083] - Thank You Letter Submission Date Merge Field
    • Added a {{ Submission Date }} merge field that can be added to a thank you letter template. This field will capture the day that the thank you letter was submitted by a student. While the letter is in first draft (or subsequent due to rejection by the school), the merge field will display the current date. Once the letter is submitted, the date is sealed.
  • [SU-1096] - Letter of Recommendation Domain Expansion
    • The Letter of Recommendation request email now allows up to 10 characters in the domain section of the address. Previously it was restricted to six characters, limiting address students could send a request to.


  • [SU-1105] - Re-Opened Answers Communication Always Sent
    • Resolved an issue where the Re-Opened Answers email was always being sent to students, regardless if the master communication switch was turned off. This communication now adheres to the master switch setting and is not sent off if the master switch is off.
  • [SU-1078] - Source of Answer Update Issue
    • Fixed an issue where the Source (of answer) column found within the Student Profile > Matching Answers tab would always show the source as Student if a student updated a list type question after the SIS answered it. This was due to the way the values were being stored. Now if the SIS and Student both provided a value to the question, it will correctly display as both "Student and SIS" as the source.
  • [SU-1097] - Scholarship Filter - Fund Code
    • Resolved an issue where the Fund Code filter found within the scholarship list filter would persist even after being cleared. Once the fund code filter was applied, it caused users to forever see scholarships with the applied fund code until they refreshed the page. Now when clearing the fund code, the complete list will show correctly and now force users to refresh the page.