Release Notes

This release contains an updated process for approving adjusted awards, a new dashboard tile, extension in scholarship code name length, and a few minor enhancements and fixes.


  • [SU-1113] - Adjusted Award Approvals
    • The award approval process within the application has been updated to account for awards that have been adjusted. Previously, adjusted awards went back to the previous state they were in, regardless of the award being tied to a scholarship requiring award approvals. Now adjustments made to awards that require approval will be pushed into a pending approval state where the adjusted amount will have to be approved before it can move on. These awards are queued in Award > Manage Awards, under the Approve tab. For more information about the award approval process, please review the Manage Awards article.
  • [SU-1113] - Awards to Approve Tile
    • The employee dashboard now includes a new "Awards to Approve" call to action tile. This tile is available for the Admin, Award Approver, and Award Authenticator roles and will only reflect the number of awards in queue for approval that are associated to scholarships tied to the organization(s)/department(s) that the user belongs to. Clicking the tile will take the user to Award > Manage Awards, to the Approve tab.
  • [SU-1118] - Expand Scholarship Code Name Length
    • Scholarship Codes have had their names expanded to support up to 100 characters. Previously the max character length was set to 50. This expansion helps support institutions with longer names. The Scholarship Code description is still set to 250 characters. For more information about managing Scholarship Codes, please review the Scholarship Codes article.
  • [SU-1120] - Enforce Unique Donor Names
    • Donor groups are now forced to have unique names. Previously donors with the same name could be created, but due to the import processes the names must be unique in order for imports to know which donor group is being edited. When creating/editing a donor group, if a name is already found in an institution's environment, the user cannot save until the name is changed to be unique. For more information about creating donor groups, please review the Donor Creation article.


  • [SU-1131] - Search and Profile
    • Resolved an issue where search results with the application included students who have an account, but have never logged into ScholarshipUniverse. This occurs for any school using both ScholarshipUniverse and StudentForms, where a student has logged into StudentForms only. When these students were found, their student profile page may have caused confusion not having any data within them. The search results in ScholarshipUniverse will only return results for students who have an account and have logged into ScholarshipUniverse, or any nominated/verified students whose information has been pushed into the application.
  • [SU-1117] - SMS Notification Not Sent for Re-Opened Answers
    • Fixed an issue where the SMS text message notification triggered for Re-Opened Answers was not being sent to students. This notification occurs when a student's answer has been flagged to re-answer (managed by setting the Review Period of a question). SMS text messages will now correctly be sent out if enabled. For more information about managing the Review Period for a question, please review the Question Personalization article.