Release Notes

This release contains the ability for recommenders to upload an existing document along with a couple of minor bugs getting squashed.


  • [SU-1099] - Allow Recommender to Upload Letter of Recommendation
    • Recommenders who are provided a link to submit a letter of recommendation now have the ability to upload an existing copy of a letter, where previously the only option was to compose the letter from the recommendation page. If a user chooses to provide a recommendation, they are no given the choice between uploading a document or composing one from scratch. Users may only submit png, jpeg, and pdf files. Like the composition, a recommender can choose whether or not they want the document to be visible to the student.


  • [SU-1148] - Scholarship Code Report
    • Fixed an issue where the Scholarship Code report was not correctly generating. This was due to a previous update to adding the type ahead search to the modal filters. The report now generates as expected.
  • [SU-1138] - Scholarship List Performance
    • Resolved performance issues on the scholarship list page where users hopped over grid pages on tabs with a large amount of scholarships.