Release Notes

This release contains an update to the verification worksheet household grid button along with a pack of minor bug fixes.


  • [SV-3425] - Verification Worksheet Household Grid Button Update
    • The button used to add household members to the Verification Worksheets has been updated to reduce the chance of students bypassing the grid on accident, which may help bring down the number of rejected Verification Worksheets during document review. The button's label has been updated to "Add Person", has been moved to the right side of the grid above the Continue button, and stylized to use the institution's primary color to stand out (as opposed to being a grey button).


  • [SV-3449] - 400/401 Status Report Performance
    • Fixed a performance issue with the 400/401 Status report that caused the report to run slow and possibly time out, cancelling the request. This reports reviews and pulls a list of each ISIR imported in the given time frame and determines if a student has an actionable 400/401 code, if it was once required and now removed, or if it never required any action. The indexing has been updated to speed up the process - a link to the report continues to be sent to the user email after it has been processed.
  • [SV-3446] - Federal Rollover Confirmation Form Updates
    • The Parent(s) and Student versions on the Federal Rollover Confirmation web form have been updated to allow seven digit values when answering the questions. Previously the validation to the questions was set to only allow a maximum of six digits, even though the ISIR field allows up to seven.
  • [SV-3443] - PJ EFC File Review Calculations
    • Updated the PJ EFC transaction for 2020-2021 to not auto-sum the values given for tax documents. The removal of the auto-sum calculation was removed in previous award years with the introduction to collecting prior-prior-year documentation. For example, for the 2020-2021 award year, a school user may want to collect both the 2018 and 2019 tax return transcripts - previously the application would want to auto-sum the values found for both transcripts because they are found in the same award year transaction, but this would incorrect since they are two separate tax years.