Release Notes

A number of exciting updates to the SponsoredScholar giving form, most notably: the ability to support a flat $5 sponsorship fee.


  • Adds new Merchant object to the schema; representing the highest-level of pricing configuration within our system.
  • Adds new PricingModel object and ability to setup a PricingConfiguration for a Merchant, Platform, Product, Client, or LandingPage within the application schema.
  • Support for PricingModel configurability in the Giving Experience and Payments::V2 API.
  • Removes application-wide "WePay Minimum Gift Amount" and moves the min/max gift range to the PricingModel record.
  • Adds a SuperUser-only PricingModel view which allows for viewing and detailed breakdowns of the configurations used for each model.
  • Changes language around fees to "sponsorship fee" on Giving Form and in Gift Receipts.