Release Notes

This release contains a new user report, general performance enhancements, and an army of bug fixes.


  • [SU-1145] - Organization Users Report
    • A new report has been added for Admin user to pull a report on users found within selected organizations and departments. An Admin has the ability to filter down by specific organizations and departments, or even by users. The report includes each user found, their ScholarshipUniverse role(s) assigned, the organization/department(s) the user belongs to, and when the user account was created.
  • General back end enhancements were added to improved processes across the application.


  • [SU-1140] - Unique Scholarship Names
    • Fixed an issue where scholarships were allowed to have the same name. Scholarship names need to be unique in order to support various imports - not doing so allows users to accidentally load information about one scholarship to another. This does not apply to the same scholarship being rolled over - it is allowed to retain the same name. The scholarship page will now enforce this correctly.
  • [SU-1142] - Bulk Status Update Filter
    • Resolved an issue where filtering down allowable scholarships to bulk update and using the Select All feature was still capturing scholarships filtered out. This caused institutions to unintentionally bulk update scholarships they did not wish to move. The Select All feature correctly adheres to only scholarships from the filtered down results.
  • [SU-1135] - Nomination Modal and Verified Students
    • Fixed an issue where the available scholarships to nominate a verified student for was not properly hiding scholarships that student was already candidate/nomination for. This issue prompted users to only select the scholarship for nomination and causing confusion in the award view page. This issue did not occur for any student who already had an account. The nomination modal will now correctly filter out already associated scholarships for nominated, verified, and account students.
  • [SU-1114] - Thank Yous Under Pending Approval
    • Resolved an issue for thank you letters waiting for school approval where users were trying to waive the thank you from the Manage Awards page. If a thank you is completed by the student and awaiting approval, the institution must accept/reject the pending thank you letter - these records will no longer allow selection to waive in this state. If approved, the award can move on to Ready to Post. If rejected, then the school will have the ability to waive the letter.