Release Notes

New functionality enabling a school to "blacklist" i.e. disable certain students from using the system. This update is a reflection of following NCAA regulations for fundraising.


  • Adds a new feature flag to enable the Fundraiser Blacklist for schools and Program Admins.
    • Note: This must be enabled by a SuperUser before it can be used for a given school.
  • Adds Blacklisted Fundraiser Contacts which are can be added, edit, and updated by Program Admins for their school.
  • Prevents any email address which is an entry in the Fundraiser Blacklist/the school's existing Blacklisted Fundraiser Contacts from signing up to fundraise with SponsoredScholar.
  • Sends all Program Admins for a school an alert when a user on the blacklist attempts to sign-up.
  • Adds ability to import comma separated value (CSV) input and upload multiple BlacklistedFundraiserContact records for the associated Client.
  • New dashboard views and interfaces for importing and attempting to upload multiple users' contact data as part of a bulk import.
  • Allows for uploading of files to import BlacklistedFundraiserContact data.
  • Updates success message for imported Blacklisted Fundraiser Contacts to only show the successfully uploaded number of contacts when ≥ 100 contacts are uploaded successfully (instead of showing all of the email addresses). This is primarily to address render-related timeout issues for the extremely large alert message.
  • Updates default ordering of Fundraiser Blacklisted to sort by Email, from A --> Z.