There have been instances reported of account activity showing documents uploaded by school users when they have not uploaded a document or the document shows a picture of a number.  This will occur when a school user is copying and pasting information from a report into the search student box in StudentForms when they are on a student's account.

Copying and pasting from programs like excel may have hidden characters.  When pasted into the search box, the review upload modal will open with no document or with the value pasted into the search box.  

When this occurs the uploaded document activity appears in account activity.

In some instances an image is uploaded to a task that only contains the value that was pasted into the search box. If the school policy permits, the user may delete the upload by using the delete button next to the uploaded image.

To prevent this from happening the school user can do one of the following:

  • Ensure they are only pasting plain text values (Shift + CTRL + V) into the search box
  • Clicking into the cell and copying only the text instead of copying the cell
  • Going to the workflow screen and pasting from the workflow screen
  • Copy values into notepad, wordpad prior to copying and pasting into the Search box