Release Notes

A number of system optimizations in addition to a new Financial Aid Counselor user role.


  • Adds a new role, the Financial Aid Counselor, which is a new role for all Clients. New Financial Aid Counselors will be invited by Program Admins and are permitted to view and access information related to the sign-ups and active fundraisers in the program.
  • Updates puma from 3.12.2 to 3.12.4.
  • Updates nokogiri from 1.10.5 to 1.10.8.
  • Adds a new environment variable (i.e., V1_PAYMENTS_DISABLED ) which allows for server-wide disablement of all V1 Payments integrations (when set to true).
  • Updates Scholar Pages dashboard to sort by most recently added pages first; additionally, adds the page's Created At date to the report.
  • Updates SignUps dashboard to sort by most recent sign-ups.
  • Improves how the EnrollmentPortal's description and meta-tags are formatted for sharing on social media and other channels.