Release Notes

This release contains general performance updates, an update to the award flow for adjusted awards requiring approval, and a minor bug fix.


General optimization to help performance on the student side was included

  • [SU-1159] - Updates to Award Adjustment Approvals
    • Adjustments were made to the process flow for awards requiring the primary approval. Previously, if an award was previously ready to post or already posted to the Student Information System (SIS), any adjustment made within the application would go through the primary approval, but once approved would go straight to ready to post, bypassing the secondary approval/notification step. At any point in time for an award that requires approval, if an adjustment is made the award will have to go through both the primary and secondary approval process.
    • Please note that award approvals are managed on a per scholarship basis, managed within the scholarship general information tab. For more information about enabling the award approval, please view the Scholarships article.


  • [SU-1177] - Display of Multiple Award Amount on Manage Awards Page
    • Fixed an issue where the display of award amounts on the Manage Awards page were multiplied by the number of tags associated to the scholarship. While the award was truly correct, the display on the grids was showing the multiplied amount. Now the amounts on the grids are showing the correct amount no matter how many scholarship tags are associated.
  • [SU-1157] - Login Link on Public Page
    • Resolved an issue where students and employees already logged into the application and viewing the public scholarship page would be logged out when clicking the Login link at the top of the page. The link is now hidden for any user already logged into the application. For any user not logged in, the link will appear to redirect them to sign in.