CampusLogic's API service, as well as CL Connect, will retry any events that do not reach their final destination and/or throw an error message.

CampusLogic API Service to School's API endpoint

For CampusLogic's API service, if the initial event is fired and does not reach the school's instance of CL Connect, the event will be retried once every 360 minutes over a 48 hour period until successful.

If all six attempts fail, the API service will no longer fire the event. The school will need to login to their platform and manually resend the event through the Platform Manager panel.

Local CL Connect Services

For CL Connect, the event will be retried in the school's local instance of Hangfire a total of ten times over a period of seven hours and twenty-two minutes.

Each time an event is retried there will be a longer delay before the next event is sent. Please see the sample frequency of retries below.

If all ten attempts fail, the event will be moved to a 'Failed Queue' in Hangfire. The failed event can be manually replayed anytime by the school through the Hangfire local service.