The Batch Applications report is used to batch and print student applications for review outside of the application. Print applications include the application submitted by the student as well as optional student data determined by the review pool round.

Batch Applications can be access within the Reports page by users assigned either the Admin and Review Manager role.

Any application currently tied to an active or drafted Review Pool will be available to download.

When requesting the export, the user will be given the choice to filter options by:

  • Organization - this includes any organization(s) the user is associated to
  • Department - this includes any department(s) the user is associated to
  • Committee - this includes any committee assigned to an organization/department the user is associated to, or any committee not assigned to an org/dept
  • Review Pool (REQUIRED) - this includes any pool where at least one scholarship in the pool is assigned to an organization/department the user is associated to
    • Please note that if a review pool has multiple scholarships assigned to different organizations/departments, it is possible for a user to batch a set of applications if the user is assigned to an organization/department that is associated to at least one of the scholarships in the review pool
  • NOTE: Filter options may dynamically change based on other filters applied (i.e. if you select an Organization, Departments will then only display the departments found under the selected organization(s))

When the user has selected at least the Review Pool, clicking Submit will generate the export. Once the batch application process has been completed, the user will receive an email with a download link to access the export.

Please note that the export will come in the format of a HTML file - this is automatically opened by the user's preferred internet browser. The appearance of the file when viewed in a browser may look like applications are squished together, but printing the file will correctly separate applications by pages so that two students will never be found on the same printed page.