Release Notes

This release contains the ability for DSO schools to force re-registration, updates to the global Unusual Enrollment History web form, and minor update to the DREAM account creation/registration pages.


  • [SV-3150] - Force Re-Registration for Direct Sign On Environments
    • StudentForms now allows direct sign-on (DSO) schools to force re-registration for students who have linked to an incorrect ISIR. For DSO schools, this is a rare occurrence when a student ISIR is imported with the incorrect Social Security Number (SSN) or Date of Birth (DOB), yet passes the Social Security Administration check during processing. Often students will create an account with the incorrect data and go back to have their FAFSA reprocessed with the correct SSN/DOB, generating a new set of ISIRs with the correct information.
    • The force re-registration page allows institutions to un-link the ISIR with the incorrect SSN/DOB and force the student to re-register to the ISIR with the correct SSN/DOB upon the next login. The student still retains their name username, password and student ID, but the student actionable tasks may be different based on the correct ISIR's codes and conditions. Please note that this feature should only be used under these circumstances and can learn more about how to force re-registration here.
  • [SV-3508] - Global Unusual Enrollment History Web Form Instruction Update
    • Due to the consolidation of Department Education websites, the instructions provided on the global Unusual Enrollment History web form have been updated to correctly guide students on how to review their borrowing history.
  • [SV-3526] - DREAM Account Creation/Registration SSN Label Update
    • In a previous release, California institutions were given the option to display language regarding the DREAM application on the account creation and registration pages. When enabled, the social security number label was incorrectly labeled as "Social security number/state ID". For students, this label has been updated to "Social security number/DREAM ID" and for parents it has been updated to "Social security number/ITIN".