Release Notes

This release contains an update to the award details report, performance enhancement to the award Post page, and a handful of fixes.


  • [SU-1156] - Award Details Report Enhancement
    • The Award Details export has been modified to allow users to pull records on a per term level, rather than limited to the total award record. Previously the export only pulled per student per award, which includes the total amount across all terms. When requesting the report, users now have the ability to select data by award year or by term. When requesting by term, the export pull records per student per award per term, so that there is a breakdown of award amounts by term.
    • New columns Award Year and Term have been added to the export for both methods. If pulling by Award Year, the Term column will capture all terms associated to the entire award, whereas pulling by Term will use the column to separate records by term.
  • [SU-1168] - Post Page Enhancements
    • The Post page has been enhanced in performance to better handle large loads of award records ready to post. The Ready to Post grid now allows view ability of up to 25, 50, 100, 250, or 500 records at once.


  • [SU-1141] - Hidden Questions Not Appearing In Student Profile
    • Fixed an issue where questions marked as hidden to students were also not appearing under the Matching Questions tab within the student profile. Hidden questions are typically sensitive questions that an institution answers using SIS data but does not wish for the student to see as a matching question. Any question that was marked as hidden to the student was also being hidden in the student profile, causing confusion for school users that were unsure if the answer was indeed answered by SIS data. These questions are now viewable in the student profile.
  • [SU-1193] - Question Container Display Text Hidden
    • Resolved an issue where the question container Display Text given in the container was not displaying to the student when filling out a question container. The Display Text now correctly appears above the first question within the container.
  • [SU-1164] - Letter of Recommendation Notification Sent After Completion/Decline
    • Fixed an issue where the outstanding letter of recommendation notification was still being sent to recommenders who have already completed or declined to complete a letter of recommendation. The notification correctly checks the status to determine to send or not.
  • [SU-1186] - Empty Student ID During Account Creation
    • For Direct Sign-On (DSO) schools, fixed an ugly error modal that appears on the student account creation page when trying to create an account without a student ID. Instead, a blank ID will now trigger the correct validation message used to find verified students.