When a student logs into CampusCommunicator, they are immediately taken to the latest template CampusCommunicator had generated for them. However, if there are multiple template types generated for the student, CampusCommunicator has a feature to choose which one to display to the student.

How this works:

To select a specific template, you must provide the name of the template and the award year (ex: "1920" = 2019-2020). For the template name, this can be found in the AL portal when you upload a file and go into the file details. The name of the template is the name that is displayed in the "Template Type" column. This can be different from the TEMPLATETYPE that is passed in the import file, but most of the time, they will be the same.

Here is the format for the URL path variables:

{{Base URL}}/document/{{Template Name}}/{{AWARDYEAR}}

Here is an example of a URL with the path variables filled in: https://demo.campuscommunicator.com/document/AwardLetter/1920

In this example, the base URL is https://demo.campuscommunicator.com, the template name is "AwardLetter", and the award year is "2019-2020"


What if I only have 1 template?

For environments using only 1 template, you may continue to use you base URL as the link to send to students (ex: https://demo.campuscommunicator.com)

However, if you need to display a particular award year, you'll have to use the same URL path variable method as above (ex for the 2019-2020 award year: https://demo.campuscommunicator.com/document/AwardLetter/1920)

What if I only want to display the latest across multiple template types?

It is not uncommon for environments to have 2 different TEMPLATETYPEs which are trying to achieve the same goal. For instance, an environment could have the TEMPLATETYPEs "NEW" and "REVISED" in order to display their financial aid offers to the student. In this case, the template names for both the "NEW" and "REVISED" TEMPLATETYPEs could be changed to "FinAidOffer", which would result in the same URL path variables and display whichever has the latest generated template for the student (ex: https://demo.campuscommunicator.com/document/FinAidOffer/2021).

If you need this setup, please contact your CSM.