Release Notes

This release contains a fix for an error students receive when answering questions, incorrect data pulled for specific list type questions, and wrong data pulled in for a report column.


  • [SU-1206] - Student Questions Getting Error When Continuing
    • Resolved an issue where students would get an error message when answering a question(s) and moving onto the next set of questions. This was caused when multiple questions were set to be forced to re-answer. This issue has been resolved and students should be able to move onto the next set of questions without issues.
  • [SU-1199] - Column Fixes for Questions Linked to Award Years or Terms
    • Fixed an issue where a list type questions tied to the either the Award Year or Terms list were not pulling the data correctly when displayed on the Scholarship > Candidates grid, Scholarship > Awards grid, or the Award View grid; instead, they were incorrectly trying to pull from the Majors table. The grids are now pulling the correct data from the correlating lists. The Award Year list values are managed by any active award years configured in Settings > Award Years, while the Terms list values are manage by any active terms configured in Settings > Terms. These lists are not tied to any global questions, but are configurable to tie to a custom question.
  • [SU-1195] - Matched Not Applied Report Pulling Username Instead of Student ID
    • Resolved the issue where the Matched Not Applied report was incorrectly pulling the student username and displaying it under the Student ID column. The report is now correctly pulling and displaying the Student ID.