Release Notes

This release contains an update to the ISIR processing logic to determine repeatable student action codes.


  • [SV-3457] - Repeatable Student Action Codes
    • The ISIR processing logic has been updated to review previously imported ISIRs to determine if a conditional code has been removed and then reappeared, in order to evaluate if a new version of task needs to be opened to the student. Certain codes (such as 132 - defaulted loans), may be resolved by the institution and cleared for packaging, but the code may appear on subsequent ISIRs until the issue is updated in NSLDS. StudentForms knows not to reopen the task to the student after it has been cleared, but logic has been added to determine if the code was once there, removed, and came back in a subsequent ISIR and take necessary steps.
      • i.e. A student created an account including code 132. The student submits the proper clearance documentation, and eventually in a subsequent ISIR the code is removed. If another ISIR comes in at a later date where the code has returned because the student defaulted again, the application will now review to determine if the student already completed the original default task (in this example, yes), and if so will generate a new version of the task so the student can provide new clearance documentation for the latest default.
    • The following scenarios have been updated to follow this logic:
      • FSEOG Overpayment (Comment Codes 010, 065, 066, 067 077, and 079)
      • Pell Overpayment (Comment Codes 020, 038, 039, 041, 042, and 043)
      • Perkins Loan Overpayment (Comment Codes 086, 090, 100, 101, 102, and 107)
      • Overpayment of Federal Student Funds (Comment Code 133)
      • TEACH Grant Overpayment (Comment Codes 289, 290, 291, 292, 293, and 294)
      • Iraq/Afghanistan Service Grant Overpayment (Comment Codes 309, 310, 311, 312, 313, and 314)
      • Defaulted Loans with Overpayment (Comment Code 134)
      • Defaulted Loans (Comment Codes 124, 132, and 135)
      • NSLDS Fraudulent Loans (Comment Code 272)
    • The logic will allow up to four versions of these tasks to be generated, if needed. Let's hope not!