Release Notes

This release contains the management to require supporting documentation for PJ EFC appeals and a minor fix to the subsequent ISIR logic.


  • [SV-3551] - Optional Supporting Documentation Required for PJ EFC Appeal
    • Historically the out-of-the-box PJ EFC Appeal web form has always forced students to provide supporting documentation for their appeal claim. Schools will now have the ability to manage whether the supporting documentation for the PJ EFC appeal is required or not. Within Admin > School Settings > Appeals, there is a new switch under the PJ EFC section called "Require Supporting Documentation" that controls whether or not the documentation is required or optional for the student to provide. By default this is enabled and still requires students to provide the supporting documentation. For more information on configuring the PJ EFC Appeal, please refer to the Appeal Configuration article.


  • [SV-3538] - Comment Code 033 Reopening Transaction
    • Fixed an issue where a Verification transaction would be reopened to the student after file review has been completed if the subsequent ISIR retained comment code 033 (Selective Service registration not sent). The comment code was auto-rejecting the Selective Service task back to the student to complete. Once a transaction has completed file review, a subsequent ISIR with the code will no longer trigger the task to reopen.