This guide gives an overall view of each role.

StudentAdvisor Roles

  • Admin - This role has full access to all functionality. Typically assigned to a Director of Financial Aid/Scholarships
  • Advisor - This role has access to view VirtualAdvisor conversations.
  • Content Manager - This role can add and edit institutional content and override global content.
  • Content Approver - This role is designated to approve new/edited institutional content, if the institution wishes to add that step in the content workflow.
  • Content Publisher - This roles is designate to publish new/edited institutional content was trained and approved.
  • Sensitive Data Manager- This role allows a user to view VirtualAdvisor responses redacted for having sensitive information
    • This is a support role only. It should be added along to any Admin/Advisor user who should have the ability to see sensitive information.


Attached is an excel with a breakdown of which roles have which permissions.