Release Notes

This release contains interfaces to help manage new transactions in StudentForms, a security update for client endpoints, and minor bug fixes.


  • [SV-3552] - Cost of Attendance Appeal
  • [SV-3553] - Emergency Fund Application
    • Supporting the StudentForms release of two new global transactions yesterday, today's PlatformManagement release contains the interface to manage communications and events for these transactions. For more information, please review the StudentForms Release Notes May 4th, 2020.
  • [PM-349] - Client Endpoint Username Validation
    • Management of client endpoints has been updated to include validation for usernames to required to be at least 8 characters long, but not exceed 64 characters. This is to ensure greater security around these managed endpoints. This does not effect or break any legacy endpoints that may not already be meeting the requirements - it is up to an institution whether or not they wish to update their current endpoints. For more information about setting up endpoints, please refer to this article.



  • [PM-356] - Notifications for Phone Number Changes Not Being Sent
    • Fixed an issue where the email communication for the following template was not being sent:
      • Employee Phone Number Updated
      • Notification of Employee Changed Student Phone
    • The email communications are now correctly being sent for each template at the appropriate time. SMS text messaging included for the Notification of Employee Changed Student Phone.
  • [PM-362] - Remove Verify Email Button from Employee Profiles
    • Removed the Verify email button found on employee profiles, as they are auto-verified when their account is created via PlatformManagement. The Verify button is still found on the student and parent profile pages for any user who has not yet verified their email address.