Release Notes

This release contains performance enhancements to the Incomplete Applications report and the Manage Awards page, along with several bug fixes.


  • [SU-1225] - Incomplete Applications Report Update
    • Along with enhancing the performance of this report, it has also been restructured to be more focused on its purpose - to indicate which applications have been started but not yet submitted. Previously the report generated a record per student per scholarship and didn't reference the unsubmitted application. The report now generates a record per student per unsubmitted application and displays a count of the number of matching scholarships the student could apply to with the application.
    • For more information about this report, please review the Incomplete Application Report article.
  • [SU-1178] - Manage Award Page Performance
    • Greatly increase the performance of the Manage Awards page and the tabs within. Previously due to large volumes of award records, the grids may have a slow load time and taking action on hundreds of records at once could lead to a timeout. Tabs are now loading faster and taking actions are no longer timing out - please note that you can only select up to 500 records to take action on at once.
    • For more information about the Manage Award page and tabs within, please review the Manage Awards article.


  • [SU-1197] - Public Page Updates
    • Resolved a few issues found in the Public Page (
      • Updated the Login link to navigate directly to the DSO login page or SSO portal login page; previously it ran a check that would first navigate to the set log out page managed in PlatformManagement
      • Fixed an issue where the grid paging would display empty pages at the end when searching a word that had more results than the number of records on the grid
      • Fixed an issue where the alignment of the managed content on the top of the page always enforced center alignment; this is now correctly displaying the alignment configured in settings
    • For more information about configuring the public scholarship page, please review the Basic Settings article.
  • [SU-1212] - Award Details Report
    • Enhanced the performance of this report due to timeout issues in environments with large volumes of award records available. The report should process and deliver a download link quicker.
    • For more information about this report, please review the Award Details Report article.
  • [SU-1224] - Duplicate Answers for List Type Questions
    • Fixed an issue where duplicate answers for list type questions would intermittently be saved, whether the question was answered/updated by the student or SIS data import.
  • [SU-1210] - Student Search Time Out
    • Enhanced the performance of the student search process due to timeout issues in environments with larger populations of students. The search process should search and bring back results much quicker.
  • [SU-1214] - Scholarship Export Not Pulling the Correct Value for Award Approval Required
    • Fixed an where the Scholarship export file was not pulling the correct value for the "Allow Award Approval" column, which has been renamed to "Award Approval Required". Please note this column has also been updated for the Scholarship import process.
    • For more information about the scholarship import file layout, please review Import: Scholarship Data article.
  • [SU-1215] - Term/Award Year Matching Value Not Displaying Correctly in Match Status Modal
    • Resolved an issue where the matching requirements for list type questions using the global Term or Award Years lists were not displaying correctly in the Match Status Modal (found in places such as Scholarships > Candidates tab). While the student's answer displayed correctly and the match status displayed correctly, the matching requirement value was incorrect, which has now be fixed.