The Live Conversations page allows users to monitor current conversations between VirtualAdvisor and students. This grid uses a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed to continuously show updates to all open conversations, allowing users to see a preview of the last message from the student, the category of the message, and when it was posted. Through this interface users can view an entire ongoing conversation. Admin, Advisor Manager, and Advisor users can access this page from Advising > Live Conversation tab.

Live Conversation Feed

The conversations found on this page are all open conversations currently taking place, whether through a CampusLogic application such as StudentForms or through an embedded chat placed on institutional pages. This grid continuously refreshes to show the most recent interactions from students, displaying the records in order of newest to oldest interaction (ordered and displayed in the Last Post column). By default the grid will refresh every 10 seconds to keep the updates going, but can be managed by the Refresh Rate drop down, or even paused if needed.

Please note that conversations will drop off this grid once they have reached the set duration of inactivity and are no longer considered live conversations. Refer to the Basic Settings page on how to manage the duration limit.

  • Use the Refresh Rate drop down above the grid to adjust the frequency of the grid refresh. It can be sped up to 5 seconds, or delayed by intervals up to 2 minutes.
  • Click the Pause Feed button if needing to pause the refresh rate indefinitely
    • When feed is paused, click on the Resume Feed button to continue allowing the grid to refresh
    • Note: updating the Refresh Rate or using the Pause Feed functionality does not effect other users
  • Click the Show Advance Filters link to view more filters to narrow down conversations

Exclude Records with No Messages is enabled by default to not pull any conversations where the student opened VirtualAdvisor but did not start a conversation. Disable Exclude Records with No Messages to see any records where the student opened the chat modal but did not begin a conversation.

For advisors who wish to be available for students to live chat, they can enable the Available for Live Chat switch above the tab selection. With at least one advisor available, VirtualAdvisor can open a queue for users who may request to speak to a live person during their conversation.

Please note that the Available for Live Chat switch will automatically be turned off if an advisor logs out or reaches a session timeout. For manual log outs, the switch will typically be turned off within a couple of minutes. For users who reach a session timeout (i.e. walk away from their computer indefinitely), the switch may take up to 15 minutes to automatically switch off.

The Live Conversation grid shows summaries of the conversations with the following information:

  • Last Post: The date and time of the last response in the chat, from either the student or VirtualAdvisor, displayed using the user's time zone provided by their browser
  • Sentiment: VirtualAdvisor will give an calculated opinion on the perceived level of happiness based on the student's last response. A positive, neutral, or negative icon may appear, or if a sentiment has not yet been identified, 'Unknown' will appear. 
  • Name & Student ID: If the student has been authenticated, whether they are currently logged in from a CampusLogic application or have logged in via the chat, their first name, last name and student ID will appear; if unauthenticated, this will appear as anonymous
  • Product: If the student is currently chatting with VirtualAdvisor within a CampusLogic product, the name of the product will appear; otherwise it will not display anything
  • Source: The source is which type of channel the student is interacting with VirtualAdvisor, whether from a web chat or SMS text messaging
  • Last Category: The category associated to the last response from the student; if VirtualAdvisor is unsure of what is being asked by the student in the last response, it may not display anything
  • Last Message (Student): A preview of the student's last message is shown
  • Advisor: Displays the name of the advisor currently in a live conversation with a student. If a student is currently waiting for an advisor to speak to, it will display as "In Queue". Otherwise, if nothing is found then the user is only speaking to VirtualAdvisor.
  • View: Click the binocular icon to view the entire conversation. Refer to the View Conversation article for more information.

Please note the viewability of records is based on the categories a user is assigned to and the Last Category identified in the conversation. Some conversations may jump in and out of a user's visibility if the student is driving the conversation different directions and VirtualAdvisor is constantly updating to a different category. Refer to the Category Permissions article for more information about assigning category permissions to a user.

Users may search and filter by the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Student ID
  • Sentiment multiple levels of happiness may be selected; leaving this field blank will search across all levels and unknown level of happiness
  • Product: search for conversations that originated from within the selected CampusLogic product; not selecting a specific product will search across all products and include institutional embed chats and SMS chats
  • Last Category:  multiple categories may be selected; this filters down to the last known category associated to a conversation 
  • Source: search for conversations by a specific channel, such as web chat or SMS

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