VirtualAdvisor is pre-trained with responses to general financial aid questions, terminology and guidance based on Title IV and Federal Financial Aid. This content is maintained by CampusLogic and is referred to as Global Content as it is available to the VirtualAdvisor for all schools. However, the pre-trained responses may not meet the needs or the voice and tone of a specific institution. So the response can be override by the institution. 

Admins and Content Managers can review and override the global responses by navigating to VirtualAdvisor > Override Global Content.

Search and Review Content

The Override Global Content page will always show the most up-to-date listing of global content produced by CampusLogic. The responses found in the results will display the response presented by the VirtualAdvisor to students, whether it is the defaulted response written by CampusLogic, or preferred text edited by your institution.

  • Enter a combination of key words/phrases with available filters to find global content items. 
    • Note: key words and phrases by default will search across questions, global responses, and responses unless specified with the filters:
      • Content: narrow down whether the search words are reflected in the Question only, Response only, or Custom Responses. By default the search runs through everything.
      • Level: narrow down whether the search is against Parent Level Only or Non-Parent Level Only. Parent Level means that that question/response has a answer selector to drive the student to the next question. Non-Parent Level questions only give a response and end. By default the search runs against both levels.
      • Category: narrow down by questions/responses assigned to a specific category. By default the search runs through all categories.
      • Video: narrow down by responses that have the selected video associated to them. By default the search runs through any response with or without a video.
      • Updated: narrow down the search by any updates in the selected time. By default the search runs through everything.
  • Click Search to apply filters. 
    • Note: If unsure whether the displayed response if the default global text or edited text, open the item to see original global response and your institution's overridden response. 
  • Click on the Edit (Pencil Icon) to open/edit a specific response.

Note: Any response that has been overridden will have a check mark in the Custom column. At any point your institution may revert back to the original global response and this check mark will be removed.

Add/Edit Override

The Override Global Response screen shows the questions that have been used to train the VirtualAdvisor to respond. The questions and alternative phrasing are for reference and cannot be edited by institutions on global responses, along with the category and any video associated to the response. Users can view the Original Response (the default text provided by CampusLogic) in the middle section and then the response currently being provided to students below (Override Response).

To edit or override the response:

  • Click the Edit (Pencil Icon) next to the Override Response.

  • Enter or edit text as appropriate. 
    • Shortcut keys:
      • click ENTER ends and saves edits
      • hold SHIFT and click ENTER adds new line
      • click ESCAPE exits the edit without saving

Please note that Responses can be up to 1,000 characters in length. Any responses longer than that must be trimmed down in order to save.

Dynamic field tags are available for Institutional characteristics defined in Settings > Institution Data Fields page, student characteristics brought in from all active SIS data fields found in PlatformManagement > Integration > Data Fields, and product specific information. Student fields require that data be imported from your SIS or other campus systems.

  • Select a field insert and then click Confirm. The dynamic tag with proper formatting will be inserted into the text. 
  • After updating the content in the override click on the Preview (Eye Icon) to see the displayed result. Changes can be reverted prior to saving by clicking the refresh icon.
  • Select a Category if you wish to change the category reference - this can be another global category or a custom category created in the Categoriespage
    • Please be careful of adjusting the category - the context should be similar to the original category given.
  • Click Save button to save changes

Note: Overrides to global content do not require retraining and publishing of the knowledge base. It may take up to 15 minutes before the override response reflects on the student side.

Monitor Updates to Content 

CampusLogic will continue to maintain the global content on a periodic basis. New and updated content will not change overrides already entered into the VirtualAdvisor by institutions. Updates can be tracked on the main dashboard:

The update tile will display the content that is updated and created in the prior 30 days. 

  • Click on the New/Updated Global Content tile to navigate directly to the override screen.

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