Categories are used to index which groups a response belongs to (i.e. responses relating to the FAFSA belong to the FAFSA category group). Category Permissions enforce permission to view and interact with responses relating to a category. Admin users can access this page from Settings > Category Permissions to manage permissions by category or by user.

How Category Permissions Effect Users

Every global and client custom response is assigned a category to help manage it within a contextual group, which also allows permissions to be granted to users in order to be able to view conversations and interact with responses associated to their permissions. The following category groups are defined:

  • Academics
  • Account Information
  • Admissions
  • Alternative Funding
  • Award and Offer
  • Campus Information
  • Career Services
  • Chit Chat
  • Documentation
  • Eligibility
  • Mental Health
  • Other
  • Registrar Records
  • Scholarships
  • SIS
  • State Grants
  • Student Life
  • Veteran Affairs
  • CampusCommunicator
  • ClearCost
  • PlatformManagement
  • ScholarshipUniverse
  • StudentForms

Please note that the last five categories for the CampusLogic products are not necessary categories to assign school users to. These are targeted for CampusLogic's Content Management Team.

The viewability of Live Conversations found on the Advising tab is controlled by the category of the last response give - users now assigned to that category will now see the conversation. Only if the context of the conversation changes to a category that a user is assigned to.

Conversation Search will only feature conversations that contain a category a user is assigned to - all other conversations are hidden from viewing.

Managing institutional (custom) questions and responses, overrides in global content, and training and testing content are also controlled by category permissions. Users cannot see or edit responses belonging to categories they do not belong to. They can only add new responses and assign to categories they belong to.

Managing Category Permissions

There are two ways an admin user can manager permissions - add users by category, or add categories by user. Managing by category is an effective way to audit and review which users have access to a specific category, while managing by user is quick access to review and edit categories for a specific user.

When managing by categories under the Categories tab, each category is listed in the table with a count of active users assigned to the category. 

  • Click on the edit icon to open the Category modal

  • Click on the Add User drop down to find and add any active user with at least one role for StudentAdvisor
  • Click on the Delete icon next to a user in the table to remove the category permission from him or her

When managing by categories under the Users tab, each active user with at least one StudentAdvisor role is listed in the table with a count of categories assigned to him or her, along with a list of each category. Please note that to conserve space, the category list will only list up to three lines, ending with a "..." if there are more. You can view the full list when editing.

  • Click on the edit icon to open the User modal

  • Click on any individual category check box to add/remove permissions to that category. Select All can bulk add or bulk remove all permissions.

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