The Ingest FAQ feature allows your institution to pull questions and answers from any given FAQ page and populate questions and responses that can be used in the VirtualAdvisor conversation. Admin users can manage FAQ ingestion in Settings > Ingest FAQ. 

Please note that this does not take any content found on a page and try to form new questions that can be used for the conversation. This tool strictly seeks out pairs of questions and answers found on a page to copy over.

Managing FAQ Ingestion

The Ingest FAQ page lists all of the URLs that you have requested questions and answers be found from and copied over into the VirtualAdvisor knowledge base of responses that can be given to students. Here you can add and remove URLs to FAQ pages, look for updates from those pages, as well as view the questions and answers found by the tool for each page.

  • Click on the Add button to enter a new URL to seek out new questions and answers to pull in

  • Enter a URL for a website or hosted pdf/doc file that contains questions and answers, the click Save
    • After searching, if the tool finds pairs of questions and answers that it can pull in, you will be notified that it was successfully saved
    • If the tool does not find any pairs that can be pulled in, you will be notified that nothing was pulled in - you should review the URL entered to determine if questions and answers are clearly formatted

  • Click the Delete icon if you wish to remove the questions and answers given from the designated URL; please note that this removes the questions and responses that VirtualAdvisor was using from the URL

Please note that the questions and answers pulled in from a given URL are from the time that the URL was entered. If the website or hosted pdf/doc has been updated, the tool is not actively seeking out updates. An admin user can manually force the tool to check for updates using the refresh option.

Please note that content imported through the Ingest FAQ tool cannot be edited in the Manage Content page.

  • Select the checkbox for the URL you wish to refresh (or use the select all check box at the top) and click Refresh
    • This will review any selected URL and update to find all questions and answers within the website or doc, just as does when entering the URL for the first time

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