Conversation Search is a tool that allows users to view past conversations between students and VirtualAdvisor. This can be used to find and view students who have had multiple conversations over VirtualAdvisor, conversations associated to specific categories or within specific products, or even conversations based on the sentiment (VirtualAdvisor's perceived student level of happiness). Admin, Advisor Manager, and Advisor users can access this page from VirtualAdvisor > Conversation Search

Using the Search Tool

Users can use multiple options to search conversations, depending on their need. By default the search options are set to find any conversation taking place within the last 30 days (Last Post is the only mandatory field needed to begin a search). The other search options can be used to filter down to find specific records.

For example, users may want to search for conversations for a specific student and are able to using the student's first name, last name, or student ID.

Please note that a student may have multiple conversations found. If a student navigates away from the web page where they were chatting in VirtualAdvisor and return at a later time, they will begin a new, separate conversation.

Please note that for the majority of conversations found, these are all past conversations. It is possible for a conversation to pick back up where it left off and be live when viewing, in the case of SMS chats where the student's phone number is authenticated up to a week in the same chat.

  • Exclude Records with No Messages is enabled by default to not pull any conversations where the student opened VirtualAdvisor but did not start a conversation. Disable Exclude Records with No Messages to see any records where the student opened the chat modal but did not begin a conversation.
  • Click the View (Binoculars icon)to open and view a conversation
    • Please refer to the View Conversation article for more information about viewing

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