The attached stored procedure(s) are examples to help your school get up and running. Again, please remember the attached stored procedure will likely need to be modified and customized to fit your school's needs.

You will need both scripts below for this integration to function. 

If you are using this stored procedure without making any modifications, you will need to setup CL Connect with the following parameters:

Package Name = BANINST1.z_campuslogic.p_su_transaction (this comes straight from the Stored Procedure template attached to this article. This needs to match whatever that's updated to, if it's updated at all.)

Parameters to choose from: Your integration Manager can assist with this step. 

                              p_eventStudentId in varchar2,

                              p_eventId in varchar2,

                              p_eventNotificationId in integer,

                              p_eventNotificationName in varchar2,

                              p_eventDateTime in varchar2,

                              p_suAwardYearName in varchar2,

                              p_suTermId in varchar2,

                              p_suTermName in varchar2,

                              p_suScholarshipAwardId in varchar2,

                              p_suScholarshipName in varchar2,

                              p_suScholarshipCode in varchar2,

                              p_suAmount in number,

                              p_suPostBatchUser in varchar2,

                              p_suPostType in varchar2,

                              p_suTermComments in varchar2