-CampusLogic did not write this stored procedure. 

-This template was created by another Banner school.
-It is meant for a starting point for schools who decide to use the stored procedure integration option.
-Any modifications to this code will be done by the school using this template.
-Use at your own risk!

The attached stored procedure(s) are examples to help your school get up and running. Again, please remember the attached stored procedure will likely need to be modified and customized to fit your school's needs. 
You will need both scripts below and the table create script for this integration to function. 

If you are using this stored procedure without making any modifications, you will need to setup CL Connect with the following parameters:

Package Name = BANINST1.z_campuslogic.p_su_transaction (this comes straight from the Stored Procedure template attached to this article. This needs to match whatever that's updated to, if it's updated at all.)

Below are the parameters in the example Stored Procedure along with the Event Property name CL Connect will need. The lengths under the "Data Type" column are suggestions - they should match the actual data that's coming over. This might vary from value to value depending on the data you're feeding into the ScholarshipUniverse application. 

Stored Procedure Value SQL Table Data TypeCL Connect Event PropertyCL Connect Data Type/Field Size
p_eventStudentIdVARCHAR2 (Your Student ID length)EventStudentIdVARCHAR (Student ID length)
p_eventIdVARCHAR2 (100)EventIdVARCHAR (100)
p_eventNotificationIdIntegerEventNotificationIdInt (3)
p_eventNotificationNameVARCHAR2 (100)EventNotificationNameVARCHAR  (100)
p_eventDateTimeVARCHAR2 (50)EventDateTimeUtcStandardVARCHAR  (50)
p_suAwardYearNameVARCHAR2 (100)SuAwardYearNameVARCHAR  (100)
p_suTermIdVARCHAR2 (6)SuClientTermIdVARCHAR  (6)
p_suTermNameVARCHAR2 (50)SuTermNameVARCHAR  (50)
p_suScholarshipAwardIdVARCHAR2 (30)SuScholarshipAwardIdVARCHAR  (30)
p_suScholarshipNameVARCHAR2 (100)SuScholarshipNameVARCHAR  (100)
p_suScholarshipCodeVARCHAR2 (100)SuScholarshipCodeVARCHAR  (100)
p_suAmountNUMERIC (11,2)SuAmountNumeric (14)
p_suPostBatchUserVARCHAR2 (100)SuPostBatchUserVARCHAR  (100)
p_suPostTypeVARCHAR2 (30)SuPostTypeVARCHAR  (30)
p_suTermCommentsVARCHAR2 (4000)SuTermCommentsVARCHAR  (4000)

Troubleshooting: ODBC and Stored Procedure Common Issues