Institutions are able to view live and past conversations between their students and VirtualAdvisor. This allows users to view conversations in real time and review the questions brought up by students and make determinations on the effectiveness of the responses. View Conversation has multiple helpful features to assist users to determine factors of the conversation, such as time stamps of each response, language conversation, sentiment analysis, and the ability to download conversations.

View Conversation

As an Admin or Advisor, users can view live conversations from the Advising > Live Conversations tab or view past conversations from the VirtualAdvisor > Conversation Search page.

  • Click on the View (Binoculars Icon) for a student record to view the conversation

For students who have authenticated by logging in, either automatically when starting the conversation in a CampusLogic product or logging in from the chat, their name, student ID, and profile picture will display at the top of the View Conversation window. Otherwise, any user who has not authenticated will be given an anonymous code while the conversation is live.


Unauthenticated - Live Conversation

Unauthenticated - Past Conversation

An indicator of the conversation being Live is found on the top right corner of the View Conversation window. If the "Live" message is found, the conversation is currently ongoing between the student and VirtualAdvisor. As the student and VirtualAdvisor respond to each other, users can view the conversation in real time. Otherwise, the "Live" message is not found and the conversation is a past one that has ended.

Located below the "Live" indicator is the source of the conversation, whether it may be web chat or SMS. If the student is chatting from within a specific CampusLogic product, like StudentForms, that will also be indicated below the source.

On the left side of the View Conversation window, you will see each message from the student. On the right side, you'll see messages from either VirtualAdvisor or a real advisor speaking directly with the student.

  • Click on a message to display the timestamp of the message. The timestamp is converted to the user's time zone, as given by the user's browser.

By default all conversations display in English, converting any full/partial non-English conversations over to English. If any part of a conversation is converted from a non-English language, a global icon will appear at the bottom of the View Conversation window. Otherwise the entire conversation was in English and the globe icon is hidden, not needing to offer converting the language. This icon can be used to toggle between viewing the conversation in English or viewing in the native language used by the student.

  • Click the Convert Language (Globe Icon) to toggle between English and the native language

Example of the default view in English versus viewing the conversation by the language used by the student

Users may also download a conversation into a text file using the download feature on the bottom left corner of the View Conversation window. If a non-English language was used in the conversation, the download will convert everything to English.

  • Click on the Download Icon to download a txt format of the entire conversation
  • Click Join to enter a conversation

Clicking Join connects the advisor to the conversation, and the advisor is immediately redirected to Advising > My Conversations tab to chat with the user.

If a conversation is currently assigned to a different advisor, the Join button will now display as Transfer to Me. This allows a user to intervene in a conversation, if needed.

  • Click Transfer to Me to take over a conversation

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