VirtualAdvisor does not always have high confidence in its response to a student's question or statement, sometimes not confident to even attempt an answer. The Training Workflow page allows users to help teach VirtualAdvisor to give a confident answer to the student when asked again in the future.

The No Response Provided tab displays questions or statements from a student that VirtualAdvisor did not have enough confidence to give any response to and are ready for users to help train against. Admins and Content Managers can access this page from VirtualAdvisor > Training Workflow > No Response Provided tab.

No Response Options

The No Response Provided tab will have a current list of questions or statements that need review. Based on a student's message, users must choose between moving forward and teaching the response to VirtualAdvisor or ignoring the response and deleting it from the queue. 

  • Click View (Binocular Icon) to open the View Conversation Modal to view the entire conversation to gain additional context to the message
  • Click the Teach (Brain Icon) to open the Teach Question Modal to find and select the appropriate response, or create a new response that can answer this question/statement in the future.
    • Note: As soon as a user clicks the Teach icon, that message is now assigned to the user, and can be found in the My Training tab until an action is taken on the message.

Based on the complexity of a message, it may be recommended to delete the response rather than trying to teach to it. This does not mean completely dismissing the message, but rather encouraging to enhance your content by adding alternative phrasing to questions to catch these questions/statements, or think about building multi-turn questions to help narrow down what the student's intent is. Here are a few examples of when you may not be able to teach to question/statement:

  • A question is long (students sometimes get wordy), the overall intent of the question may only be a fraction of the entire message (i.e. three words out of an entire paragraph) while the rest of the statement doesn't have any significance; your institution will not want to train to insignificant wording 
  • A student is changing subjects or asking multiple questions within a single message; your institution will not want to train different questions to the same response
  • A question contains highly personal circumstances; your institution wants to train so that responses meet the needs to 80% of your students, not training for outliers
  • A question lacks clarity to determine what the student is trying to ask

To remove a question/statement from the queue:

  • Select the record(s) you wish to remove
  • From the drop down above, select Delete

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