VirtualAdvisor does not always have high confidence in its response to a student's question or statement, sometimes not confident to even attempt an answer. The Training Workflow page allows users to help teach VirtualAdvisor to give a confident answer to the student when asked again in the future. When viewing question/responses found in the Low Confidence and No Response Provided tabs, users are able to select these records to teach VirtualAdvisor on how to better respond to the same or similar question in the future.

Teach Question

Teach Question will allow users to confirm that the response given was correct (and increasing VirtualAdvisor's confidence in answer that question), find an different existing response to tie to a question, or even add a new response if needed.

  • Click the Teach (Brain Icon)on a selected record on the No Response Provided, Low Confidence, or My Training tab to open the Teach Question modal
    • Please note that the moment you click Teach from the No Response Provided/Low Confidence, this record is now assigned to you and will be found in My Training tab

This modal allows users to search for existing responses that might already answer the student's question/statement. The list provided is based off of key words that VirtualAdvisor is using to determine possible answers to the question/statement, order in the level of confidence that the answer is the correct response.

By searching for existing responses first, instead of creating new content right away, VirtualAdvisor improves its accuracy by limiting the amount of content to look for when answering a student's question/statement. Adding duplicate content will only decrease VirtualAdvisor's accuracy, making it harder to provide the correct response to the student.

  • If a response is found that answers the question correctly, select the correct response and click Continue. If the selected response was created by the school, the Edit Question and Response modal will display. Users can add additional alternative phrasing so VirtualAdvisor will give the correct response in the future. However, if the response is a part of a dialogue, global response or product help response, the VirtualAdvisor Feedback modal will appear instead (see below).
  • Otherwise if none of the listed responses correctly answer the question, additional consideration is needed:
    • If a user knows that there is a correlating question that fits the response, the user should select the "None of these are correct" option and click the Search Responses button. This will open the Search Content modal. From there the user can search questions and responses (similar to the Manage Content page)

  •  Add this question as alternative phrasing for the content and Save
  • If a user knows that there is not a correlating question that fits the response, the user should select the "None of these are correct" option and click the Add New Question button. When choosing this option, users will be redirected to the Add Question and Response modal to create new content.

In the Teach Question modal, the following elements are displayed:

  • Question: This is the question or message the student sent VirtualAdvisor. This is not an editable field. The question or message the student sent VirtualAdvisor will automatically be added as a question, if the user decides to create new content in order to better respond to this question or message in the future.
    • Please note: you may see generic responses that start with "General" or "Dialog" (ex: "General (ReadAloud)") on this list. These reference different built-in VirtualAdvisor dialogue responses.
  • Response: Here is a list of potential responses from all of the content across VirtualAdvisor. Please note: this list includes both published and non-published content.
  • Confidence Score: VirtualAdvisor's confidence level of the response it gave to the student, based on the content available at the time when the student sent the message.
  • Category: The category of the response as determined by VirtualAdvisor.

VirtualAdvisor Feedback 

If a user believes a certain question or message should return one of CampusLogic's responses, they can submit suggested feedback via the VirtualAdvisor Feedback modal.

By default, the Feedback Notes field will populate with the selected response and will allow the user to edit the text as a suggestion. Suggestions may also include alternative phrasing that may help return a global response that would be the best fit. Users are encouraged to include additional information about why the edits should be included. The more information given by the user, the easier it will be for CampusLogic to understand why the change should be made. CampusLogic will review the feedback, and update the content if it is determine to be beneficial to all users.

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