VirtualAdvisor does not always have high confidence in its response to a student's question or statement, sometimes not confident to even attempt an answer. The Training Workflow page allows users to help teach VirtualAdvisor to give a confident answer to the student when asked again in the future. 

The Low Confidence tab on the Training Workflow page contains questions and statement from the student where VirtualAdvisor was able to give a response, but had a lower confidence in that response. Users can review these responses to determine the accuracy and either associate the question/statement to a different response or create a new response for future conversations. Admins and Content Managers can access this page from VirtualAdvisor > Training Workflow > Low Confidence tab. 

Low Confidence Response

The Low Confidence Response grid is a queue of questions for your institution to review and determine if the response given is correct or if the questions can be associated to a more accurate response.

The following information is found on this grid:

  • Question: This is the question or statement the student sent through the VirtualAdvisor chat.
    • Please note: This is not an editable field. The question/statement the student sent through VirtualAdvisor will automatically be associated as a question if a new response is created for future conversations. 
  • Response: The response sent by VirtualAdvisor. 
  • Timestamp: This shows the date and time that the student asked the question to VirtualAdvisor, relative to the user's time zone as captured from within the browser.
  • Category: The category of the response as determined by VirtualAdvisor. 
  • Confidence Score: VirtualAdvisor's confidence level of the response it gave to the student, based on the content available at the time when the student sent the message. Next to the percentage, there is a badge indicating which source the content was coming from.
    • Institution: This indicates the response came from content created by the school.
    • Global: This indicates the response came from the global VirtualAdvisor content. 
    • Dialogue: This indicates the response came from one of VirtualAdvisor's built-in dialogue conversations.
  • Click the View (Binocular Icon) to open the View Conversation Modal to view the entire conversation to gain additional context to the message 
  • Click the Teach (Brain Icon) to open the Teach Question modal where you can select the appropriate response, or create a new response for this question or message in the future.

The drop down selector above becomes available once at least one record is selected. Users may also take the following options for the selected records:

  • Assign to Myself will assign all selected records to yourself and can be found in My Training (similar to clicking the Teach button, these are automatically found in My Training for further action)
  • Assign to Others will allow you to assign selected records to another user; the selected user will find those records in the My Training page. Please note that a user must have category to all records selected to be found and selected. Categories can be changed to accommodate this, if needed. 
  • Select Change Category to manually update the category associated to the training record; this will allow users to group the response by what they believe is the correct category, also allowing it to be viewed by users who have that category permission
    • In the Change Category modal, select a category to update the training record
  • Select Delete to remove the record entirely; this may be used to remove junk records that do not require any training

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