VirtualAdvisor is pre-trained with responses to general financial aid questions, terminology and guidance based on Title IV and Federal Financial Aid. This content is maintained by CampusLogic and is referred to as Global Content as it is available to the VirtualAdvisor for all schools. However, institutions may determine that there are additional questions and responses that should be available for users chatting with VirtualAdvisor and can manage custom content within the StudentAdvisor application.

Admins and Content Managers have the ability to add and edit content, accessed from a few different locations.

Question and Response Editing

Whether a user is adding new content through the Add Question and Response modal, or editing existing content through the Edit Question and Response modal, please note that these are the same modal and the information describe below pertains to both modals.

On the Manage Content page

  • Click the Add button to add begin adding new content
    • When searching for existing questions, if an appropriate response does not already exist, select the option "None of these are correct" and click the Add button to open the Add Question and Response modal
  • After running a search, click the Edit (Pencil Icon) to open the Edit Question and Response modal

On the Training Workflow page (any tab)

  • Click the Teach button to evaluate the need to add new content
    • When searching for existing questions, if an appropriate response does not already exist, select the option "None of these are correct" and click the Add button to open the Add Question and Response modal

Add/Edit Questions and Responses

The Add/Edit Question and Response modal allows users to create or update their content for VirtualAdvisor. Users can do the following:

  • Add/Edit responses to questions/statements
  • Add alternative phrasing to questions/statements, so VirtualAdvisor understands users are asking the same thing as the main question and can provide the same response
  • Add follow up prompts for the student in case more information is needed from the student in order to provide the correct response
  • Set the category of the content - this can be another global category or a custom category created in the Categories page
  • Add one of CampusLogic's built-in videos to the response given to the student
  • Set a future date to go back to the content and make changes
    • For example, do important dates change every year? If so, this would be a great way to set a reminder to go back next year and update the dates in the response.
  • Make a follow-up prompt it's own question so VirtualAdvisor can give the response to the student outside of this main question flow

Question/Alternative Phrasing

In the Question/Alternative Phrasing field, users can add multiple keywords and phrases similar to the question in order to have VirtualAdvisor find and provide the correct response to the user. For example, one student may ask "Where is the Psychology building?", however, another student might call it by it's real name: "Where is the Sheffield School of Psychology building?". While VirtualAdvisor would most likely pick up the correct response, the confidence score is now increased so that the next time a user asks the question using the alternative phrase it will pick up this response.


In the Response field, users can create rich-text responses to student's questions or messages to VirtualAdvisor.

Shortcut keys:

  • click ENTER ends and saves edits
  • hold SHIFT and click ENTER adds new line
  • click ESCAPE exits the edit without saving

Please note that Responses can be up to 1,000 characters in length. Any responses longer than that must be trimmed down in order to save.


Response Preview

To preview of the response, click on the Eyeball Icon and it will display the content in the format it will present to the student. Please note: dynamic data field tags (if any are used in the response) will not add in mock data, and will continue to display in their tag format (ex: "{{s:faadvisor}}"). 

This is an example of the Response field while previewing the content:

Adding Dynamic Fields

To incorporate dynamic data fields into a response click on the Curly Bracket { } Icon to open the Add Dynamic Field modal.

In the the Add Dynamic Field modal, users will see one of the following 3 tabs:

  • Institutional: These are the Institution Data Fieldsthat have been created on the Settings > Institution Data Fields page
    • Please note that only Institution Data Fields that have been given a value will populate in this list. Users cannot add a merge field that does not have a defined value. As soon as a value is given, it will be available to select.
  • Student: These data fields are student-specific SIS data fields (ex: First Name, Cumulative GPA, Degree, etc.). These data fields are coming from the active SIS data fields that have been setup on the Platform Management > Integration > Data Fields page. You can learn more about SIS Data Fields.
  • Product: These are product-specific data fields (such as the Avatar Name)

Clicking on one of the fields, then clicking Confirm will add the data field to the Response field where your cursor was located at the time you clicked on the {} icon.

Follow-Up Prompts

Sometimes in order to answer with the correct response, more information is needed from the student. In this case, users can create follow-up prompts by clicking on the Add Follow-Up Prompt button under the Response field.

Upon clicking on the Add Follow-Up Prompt button, users will be presented with the Add Follow-Up Prompt modal. Within this modal, users should enter the desired text in the Prompt Text field. The text most of the time will be the answer to the question given in the response, but sometimes this can include additional follow up questions as well. Once the prompt text has been added, users can select to either Create New Question and Response or Link to Existing Question and Response. This is similar to the Teach modal where users can select existing responses or create new responses.

Upon selecting one of the options and clicking Save, users will be taken back to the Add/Edit Question and Response modal, and it will now display the follow-up prompt. At this point, users can add their response for the follow-up prompt.

As new prompts are created, users can drag and drop the order to which they should appear to users.

Left Navigation

When questions contain follow-up prompts, a new left navigation will display in the Add/Edit Question and Response modal, allowing users to go back to their previous question by clicking the arrow icon button, or utilize the Multi-Turn Response Simulator tool by clicking the chat bubble icon button.

Multi-Turn Response Simulator

The Multi-Turn Response Simulator is a tool users can utilize to simulate the conversation between VirtualAdvisor and the student for this particular question flow. When users open this tool, they will see the top question the student would ask, as well as the response VirtualAdvisor would send. It will also include each follow-up prompt below the response to choose which answer that would apply to the student. 

Upon clicking on one of the follow-up prompts, the Multi-Turn Response Simulator will highlight the chosen option, and display the question and response for that option below. The Multi-Turn Response Simulator will show the preview of the response, so users can see how it will appear to students. This includes text formatting, as well as images, links, lists and more.

Next to each question and response, there are 2 icon buttons: Edit (pencil icon) and Delete (trashcan icon). When users click on the edit button, they will be taken back to the main view of the Add/Edit Question and Response modal to the particular question and response they clicked the button for. Also, if the user clicks on the trash can icon next to any of the questions, that particular question will be deleted. Please note: deleting any of the follow-up questions and responses will remove it from the main question without further input. However, if the user clicks delete on the top question, they will be prompted to confirm this change which will in effect remove all questions and responses in the entire flow.

Here is a preview of different options being selected in the Multi-Turn Response Simulator:


When editing existing content, users will be presented with a delete button at the top right of the modal.


When clicking on this button, it will delete whichever question or prompt that you are working on in the modal. Therefore, by clicking Delete while working on a follow-up prompt, it will delete the follow-up prompt. If the user is at the top level question, and they click Delete, they will be presented with the Delete Question and Response modal.

This modal presents a warning to the user, so they know that by deleting this content, it will be removed from VirtualAdvisor. If the user does not wish to delete, they have the Cancel button. If the user clicks on the Okay button, the question, and any of its child question and responses, will be deleted from VirtualAdvisor.

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