The Scholarship Criteria report allows users to audit the accuracy of matching requirements built out for scholarships in order to ensure it meets donor and eligibility specifications.

This report is available to Admin and Scholarship Manager users, found within the Reports page.

Scholarship Criteria Report

Users may narrow down scholarships by award year, organizations/departments, and even down to the individual scholarship level.

  • From the Reports page, click on the Scholarship Criteria tile.

Please note that this report will only allow users to pull by a single award year at a time. Users have the option to narrow down results even further.

  • Select the desired Award Year. If no other search criteria is given, it will pull all scholarship data across all statuses for the award year.
  • Select the Organization(s) to narrow down results (optional). Please note that a user can only pull data for organizations he/she belongs to.
  • For any organizations selected that have departments within, select the Department(s) to narrow down results (optional). Please note that a user can only pull data for departments he/she belongs to.
  • Select any Scholarship(s) to review specific scholarships (optional). Please note that the available scholarships is limited to any search criteria given above.

Once the criteria has been given, click the Submit button to request information. Once the report has been processed, an email with a download link will be provided.

The report contains the following data:

  • Scholarship
  • Award Year
  • Organization
  • Department (if applicable)
  • Application (if applicable)
  • Scholarship Code
  • Cycle
  • Deadline (end date of cycle)
  • Donor Specification (if given for scholarship)
  • Eligibility (if given for scholarship)

The last four columns contain the information around the matching requirements. This includes a group number to identify requirements grouped together, each question within a group along with the operator and value(s) given. A scholarship may have multiple lines, each line representing a single matching requirement.

For example:

As it appears in the scholarship

As it appears in the report