The Unsubscription Count is a count of the number of users who have unsubscribed from a specific email template. This can be used to determine the effectiveness of the communication based on the number of users opting out of receiving the communication.

Requesting Report

Platform Admins and Admin users can request the report from the Reports page. Because users have the option to opt out and back in at any time, this report does not contain any filters to drive down the results. It is simply looking for a count of all email templates currently unsubscribed from.

  • Click on the Unsubscription Count tile

Report Output

Once the report has been processed, an email will be sent to a user will a link to download the .csv document. This document contains the following columns:

  • Product - the associated product that the template originates from
  • Email Template - the specific email templates that can be unsubscribed from
    • Please note that ScholarshipUniverse, StudentAdvisor, and StudentForms contain an option "All Emails" - this refers to the students who have turned off the master switch to disabled all email communications that are allowed to be unsubscribed from
  • Count - the number of users that have unsubscribed from the template