Scholarship Planning Overview

The following videos provide a functional introduction to creating and managing scholarships and the related activities. 

After watching please browser available user documents in knowledge base for detailed documentation. Job aid templates for supporting staff after go live are also available in the ScholarshipUniverse Overview folder in the knowledge base. Your ScholarshipUniverse Onboarding Specialist and/or Customer Success Manager can also provide more detailed explanations during your onboarding process. 

These videos assume that basic setup of ScholarshipUniverse for award years, users, majors/minors and communications have already been setup. Please see articles in the Setup folder in ScholarshipUniverse knowledge base. 

We also recommend reading the following articles either before or after watching the videos below:

Step 1: Review and Update Cycles and Terms:



Step 2: Create/Update Application Forms

Step 3: Create/Update Score Cards for Reviewers (Optional)

Step 4: Create and Maintain Thank You Letter Templates (Optional)

Step 5: Create New Scholarships

Step 6: Rollover Scholarships from Previous Year

Step 7: Update Budget Amounts

Step 8:  Update Statuses in Bulk

Additional Videos: