Awarding Applicants Overview

The following videos provide a functional introduction to awarding application based scholarships. 

These videos assume that students have already been matched to a scholarship and then submitted an application. Those applications have then been reviewed and scored by a committee or individual reviewer. The awarding process is then used for final ranking of students and allocations of awards. 

The awarding process has several optional steps depending on the process for approving scholarships and whether post award steps for acceptance and thank you letters are required by the scholarship.

Step 1: Create an Award View to review by Application or by Specific Scholarships

Step 2: Apply a SmartRank to Candidates

Step 3: Add Nominees (Optional)


Under development please see article Award Views which includes steps for nominating a student who did not apply and/or did no match to a scholarship.  

Step 4: Approve Awards (Optional)

Step 5: Notify Recipients

Step 6: Monitor and Approve Thank You Letters (Optional)

Step 7: Post Awards