Institutions may deem that specific information provided within the VirtualAdvisor chat is sensitive data -  it is information that shouldn't be available for all users to view. Institutions can manage what SIS data they wish to keep hidden for the majority of users and advisors in a conversation with a student can select which responses from either side should be marked as sensitive. When viewing conversations, responses carrying information marked as sensitive will be hidden from users unless a user has the Data Sensitive Manager role allowing viewability.

Setting SIS Data As Sensitive

Institutions can determine which of the SIS data fields imported into PlatformManagement are considered sensitive and manage the settings to hide any response containing a sensitive SIS tag. 

Please review the Data Fields article for more information about Data Field management. Only Admin users can access and manage these fields. The following instructions provide guidance on how to update specific fields to be considered sensitive.

  • Navigate to PlatformManagement > Integration > Data Fields
  • Click on the Edit (Edit Pencil Icon) on any data field to open the Edit Data Field Modal
  • Select the Sensitivity Tier to be either Medium or High to indicate a field as sensitive
  • Save

A couple of notes on adjusting Sensitivity:

  • Data fields flagged as Medium or High sensitivity are treated the same - either will redact the message from any user who does not have the Data Sensitive Manager role.
  • It takes 15 minutes for the sensitivity adjustments to update. Some conversations may not redact sensitive responses during the update time.
  • Sensitivity redacts messages at the time they are created. Setting a data field as sensitive does not retroactively redact responses from past conversations. The same effect goes when removing sensitivity to a data field - any response already redacted in previous conversations will stay hidden.

Manually Selecting Responses As Sensitive

When conversing with a student in Advising > My Conversations, advisors can manually select responses to be redacted as sensitive information.

At any time an advisor can select a response from the conversation (from the student, VirtualAdvisor, another advisor previously in the conversation, and themselves) and mark it as sensitive.

  • Click on any message to view the timestamp of the message (this is converted to the user's timezone)
  • Click on the Toggle Sensitivity (Eye Icon)to mark the message as sensitive
    • Note: Marking it as sensitive will redact the message and block other school users from seeing the response. Only a user with the support role Sensitive Data Manager will be able to view the original message. Any user can block a message, and they can undo any redaction done while in the conversation, but once the conversation has ended the message will stay hidden.

The other method of marking an advisor's own response as sensitive is in the response toolbar at the bottom of the conversation section.

  • Click the Toggle Sensitivity (Eye Icon) to keep the next response hidden. This should be used if sharing sensitive information with the student that should not be viewed by other school users. This does not hide the response from the student.

Sensitive Fields In Conversations

Once a SIS Data Field has been flagged as sensitive, any response from VirtualAdvisor that contains a tag to generate that SIS value will now be redacted from viewing on the institution side. Students are not effected as will see the response as expected. The only way a school user can view sensitive responses is if they are assigned the support role Sensitive Data Manager. These user can see redacted messages.

User Without Sensitive Data Manager Role Viewing Sensitive Response

User With Sensitive Data Manager Role Viewing Sensitive Response

Please review the Employee Roles article for more information about managing roles.

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