Release Notes

This release contains the new advisor handoff feature, allowing school advisors to join a conversation, transfer the conversation to other advisors, and mark responses as sensitive.

Student initially start conversation with VirtualAdvisor to ask basic question and resolve issues, but can be handed off to a live school advisor for further discussions when available. Students have the ability to request to speak to an advisor, advisors monitoring conversations can manually intervene and take over, and advisors can transfer the conversation from themselves to another advisor, if needed. Advisors can also exit the conversation and have VirtualAdvisor jump back in for further questions.

Admin and Advisor users now have the ability to indicate themselves as available for chat. Student can then be put into a waiting queue for an advisor to join the conversation.

Please read more about the VirtualAdvisor to School Advisor Handoff.

School users can view the student queue in the new Awaiting Advisors tab under the Advising page. They can also manage multiple conversations in the new My Conversations tab also located in the Advising page. Learn more about Advising: Awaiting Advisor and My Conversations.

Additional security measures have been granted to Admin and Advisor roles to allow them to mark responses in their current conversations as sensitive, redacting the responses from being viewed by other users. Only the recently introduced Sensitive Data Manager can view these items. Learn more about Sensitive Information.