Release Notes

This release contains some additional rules to the subsequent ISIR logic and an alternate non-tax filer certification for a spouse/parent without a SSN/ITIN/EIN.


  • [SV-3748] - Subsequent ISIR Logic Updates
    • A few additional rules have been added to the subsequent ISIR logic, which evaluates the need to create/re-open/remove tasks based on comment codes and other ISIR conditions found for each student. The following rules have been applied:
      • Previous issue: In some conditions a brand new actionable comment code was not only adding the task for a student, but if the student was selected for verification and completed the verification worksheet it was also reopening the web form for them to recomplete.
        • Fix: Additional comment codes no longer effect reopening the web form, but certain ISIR conditions will still apply (i.e. IRS DRT codes).
      • Previous issue: Sometimes making income adjustments through the PJ EFC transaction caused subsequent ISIRs to be generate with a 400/401 comment code due to the nature of the adjustments. This in turn could cause the Verification transaction to (re)open with an actionable 400/401 comment code task.
        • Fix: If a PJ EFC correction from StudentForms causes a subsequent ISIR to generate with a new 400/401 code, the Verification transaction will not reopen requesting tax information, as that was already gathered in the PJ EFC transaction and there is no need to reopen and review the Verification transaction because of this.
  • [SV-3790] - Nonfilers Without A SSN/ITIN/EIN
    • For institutes that have enabled students to be able to provide Statements of Nonfiling, the Documentation of Nonfiling tasks will now allow students to select an additional option where the spouse/parent does not have a Social Security Number (SSN), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), or Employer Identification Number (EIN). This will generate an alternate version of the Non-Tax Filer Certification download form to have the spouse/parent certify they do not have any of the identifiers.