Release Notes

This release contains a new Mental Health category and handoff escalation when users enter any phrases relating to possible self harm, along with an enhancement to allow responses prompt reorder.


  • [SA-195] - Mental Health Category and Handoff Queue
    • A new Mental Health category permission has been added for school users to be associated to. During a conversation if a student enters key phrases that may relate to self harm, VirtualAdvisor will automatically run a check to see if any Mental Health advisor is online to speak with them. Phrases like "I'm worthless", "hurt myself", "no one cares for me" and many others are considered as possible self harm to VirtualAdvisor. VirtualAdvisor's Mental Health check runs a similar queue process as initiating a conversation with an advisor but limits it to only looking for advisors with Mental Health category permission. For more information, please review the VirtualAdvisor to School Advisor Handoff article.
  • [SA-295] - All User to Define Prompt Order
    • A new feature allows follow up prompts be reordered as desired. Previously prompts were always sorted in alphabetical order, but now users can drag and drop the order to which they should appear to users. For more information on managing prompts within questions and responses, please review the Add/Edit Question and Response article.