Release Notes

This release contains a new Thank You Letter Data report along with fixes for the student advanced scholarship search and matching requirement list values not displaying institutional values.


  • [SU-1307] - Thank You Letter Data Report
    • The Thank You Letter Data report allows users to export and audit all of the thank you letters submitted by students and approved by the institute. For each thank you record, the report includes scholarship information, donor information, and a list of every students responses in the thank you letter. This includes all thank you letters approved by the institution or auto-approved thank you letters if the scholarship does not require institutional review and approval. Any thank you letter still awaiting review, that has been waived, or that is currently rejected are not included. 


  • [SU-1318] - Disabled External Scholarships Found in Student Scholarship Search
    • Fixed an issue where students were able to get results for external scholarships in the advanced scholarship search, accessed on the top right search field. When an institution has disabled the "Enable External Scholarships" setting in Basic Settings, students will no longer find external scholarships in the advance scholarship search, just as they don't see them in the scholarship match page.
  • [SU-1317] - Matching Criteria Using List With Client Values Not Displaying Correct
    • Resolved an issue where specific question lists (AwardYear, Term, and Majors) were not correctly displaying the values mapped in the Award Years page, Terms page, or Majors & Programs page when using them as matching requirements when build a scholarship. Instead, they were displaying the mapped global values.