Release Notes

This release contains new StudentAdvisor events, updates to global categories, student chat cleanup, and a fix to re-authenticate students who leave conversation.


  • [SA-270] - StudentAdvisor Events
    • StudentAdvisor has the ability to trigger and send event notifications in the form of JSON data which is sent to an institute's defined endpoint URL. Similar to events triggered by other CampusLogic products, institutes can manage which events they wish to subscribe to in PlatformManagement and CL Connect. StudentAdvisor sends events that revolve around conversations held in VirtualAdvisor with authenticated students. Please note that this does not include any conversation where the user is anonymous because there is no identifier to track whether it is a student or outside user.
      • 801 - Authenticated Conversation Started
        • This event is triggered when an authenticated student has started a conversation. This includes starting a conversation while logged into StudentForms or ScholarshipUniverse, or authenticates during the conversation - whether initiated by themselves, requested authentication from an advisor, or requested authentication by VirtualAdvisor to provide specific student data.
      • 802 - Authenticated Conversation Ended
        • This event is triggered when a conversation had ended with an authenticated student. Either the student 1) manually leaves a conversation by clicking the X icon in the chat window and confirms leaving the conversation, or 2) student's last response has met the last response duration limit set with the Basic Settings page and VirtualAdvisor has considered the conversation ended.
    • Please review the StudentAdvisor Events article for more information. NOTE: Your institute must use the newest version of CL Connect (2.12.11).
  • [SA-253] - Global Category Updates
    • Due to the variety of different funding that is available, the global category "Scholarships and Funding" has been updated to focus solely on "Scholarships". Three new global categories have been created to narrow down focus on funding: "Alternative Funding", "State Grants", and "Veteran Affairs". Please make sure to update category permissions for current users, as needed.
  • [SA-311] - Student Chat Cleanup
    • Minor enhancement to ensure that once a student is in queue to speak to an advisor or currently speaking to one, the Start Conversation Over button is disabled. This is reenabled if the student leaves the queue or conversation.


  • [SA-314] - Re-Engaging With Chat Does Not Auto-Authenticate
    • Resolved an issue where a student logged into StudentForms or ScholarshipUniverse is not re-authenticated if they choose to start the conversation over or leave the conversation and return. In both cases when a student re-engaged and started a new conversation, VirtualAdvisor was not auto-authenticating the student as it should since the student is still in StudentForms or ScholarshipUniverse and still authenticated in the product. Each start of a new conversation is correctly checking authentication when opening from StudentForms or ScholarshipUniverse.